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  2. havasu regional medical center sign

    Havasu Regional Medical Center

    HRMC's community-wide coalition of providers is improving the health of Lake Havasu City.


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    employee speaking with community member

    Clark Regional Medical Center

    A new facility cements Clark County as a model community for healthcare advancement.


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    physician looking at results on computer

    UP Health System

    Superior philanthropy and a state-of-the-art campus are making communities in the UP healthier.


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    aerial view of Fauquier Health and surrounding community

    Fauquier Health

    A community foundation is creating a PATH to enhanced health and well-being in Fauquier, Rappahannock and northern Culpeper counties.


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    ribbon cutting ceremony at Conemaugh

    Conemaugh Health System

    Steeped in a rich history of philanthropy, the 1889 Foundation is helping to transform the communities of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.


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